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Toys Every 80s and 90s Kid Just Had To Have (19 pics)

#1 Crossfire
“You’ve been caught up in the …”

If you can’t finish that sentence, you didn’t live through the ’90s. Or you did and just didn’t watch television, that’s fine too.


#2 Nintendo 64
This thing was so insanely hyped up. There were only two games available at launch and they were both great. And then a lot of garbage came out for it, but it was still fine.


#3 Creepy Crawlers
Oh good, an oven entirely used to melt plastic. That won’t smell terrible. Good job, Magic Maker.


#4 Pound Puppies
Lost to the sands of time. Nobody remembers these things, but they were huge in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Maybe we all just realized that real dogs were cheaper and more fun? Yeah, that’s probably it.


#5 GI Joe USS Flagg
This thing was legitimately seven-feet long and can be purchased on Ebay for over two thousand dollars. I don’t even collect toys and I still want one of these things so I could live in it. #cheaprent


#6 Barbie dolls
A classic staple for so many generations of young girls. She is the dream idol and best friend to every girl.


#7 Ninja Turtles
During the mid 80’s to early 90’s who didn’t love the Ninja Turtles. Their toys sold like hot cakes. Though their popularity has waned over the years, efforts have been made to revive turtlemania in recent years albeit on a much smaller scale.


#8 Teddy Ruxpin
The prototype for this was a bear they taped a boombox to. Several people died*, but it tested well so they went forward with the product anyway. R.I.P. Teddy Ruxpin developers.

(*Just kidding. They are alive and well.)


#9 PlaySkool Talking Robot
The talking robot was educational, could talk to you and could predict your future! What else could be better. Oh and you could jam out to your favorite tunes with it’s cassette player.


#10 Fisher Price Medical kit
So you wanna be a doctor? Back in the 80’s Fisher Price made it possible for any youngster to become an imaginary Doogie Howser MD.



#11 Talkboy
If you’ve ever seen the movie Home Alone, you’ve at some point wanted a Talkboy Tape recorder. Now we have iPhones with basic sound recording ability so this thing is pretty obsolete.



#12 Moon Shoes
The only thing more fun than Moon Shoes are the Moon Shoe-related hospital bills. More morphine please! #injured


#13 Tickle Me Elmo
If you tickle him, he laughs. That’s it. People were trampled to death for this.


#14 Power Glove
When you hear the classic line from the movie The Wizard “It’s so bad” being used to describe The Power Glove, just know it’s not being ironic. This thing was awful. It makes a great oven mitt though. (No it doesn’t.)


#15 Super Soaker 200
One of the first super soakers with a strap and a handle. It’s so heavy that if you run out of water, you could use it as a bludgeon. I owned one of these, but was too weak to pump it. True story.


#16 Castle Grayskull
Truly a centerpiece of any kid’s toy collection. It also looks like a skull, which is pretty metal. You can buy one today for several hundred dollars.


#17 Turtle Van
If you were a TMNT fan, you pretty much had to own one of these things. It was a fun, well built toy, but the door was always a little tough to open and close. I’m, like, comedically weak though, so that might have just been a me thing.


#18 Tamagotchi
We can guarantee there’s a big farm up state where all of the Tamagotchi’s we forgot to feed ran off to. Right? But we aren’t neglectful monsters are we?

Oh no … They’re all dead …


#19 Gak
“It’s like if Silly Putty was called some made-up word instead of Silly Putty.”

– Nickelodeon Executive

We imagine this is how this whole exchange went down and was immediately followed by a money bath.


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