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Mother Has Brilliant Response To Stranger Who Said She Spoiled Her Child

Do you find yourself passing judgements on others without even realizing? Perhaps these times aren’t our proudest moments, but most people fall victim to be a little judgemental every once in awhile. It’s important, though, to remember that our assumptions and suppositions about other people are only that–assumptions.

The truth is, we have no idea how people came to be how they are to do what they do, and usually, it’s none of our business. One mother recently posted a message on Facebook calling out for others to remember this: “If only you knew what I know.”

Read on to see how this mother wants all of us to take a minute before we pass our unwarranted opinions down to others.

Kelly Dirkes was walking the aisles of her local Target cuddling her small baby across her chest in a carrier. Apparently, another customer, seeing this, took it upon herself to let Kelly know that her coddling was no good for her baby and that she was spoiling her and setting her up for a life of dependence. Kelly simply smile at the stranger and walked on, but when she got home, she wrote publicly to let that woman, and others like her that they shouldn’t be so quick to judge.


Writing in beautifully thought-out prose, Kelly describes how she found her daughter in an orphanage, how she spent the beginning of her life “utterly alone inside a sterile metal crib, with nothing to comfort her other than sucking her fingers”, and how it is the comfort that Kelly provides her now that is working to bring this baby out of her fear of trusting other people.

Along with her caption, Kelly posted a picture of her sleeping child, looking at ease on her mother’s chest, which we realize after reading about her life is a sign of how far she has come in feeling safe and loved.



Kelly reminds us all to be a little less harsh on one another, and keep in mind that we all come from different places and have different struggles in this life.


Let’s listen to her and make strides to show more compassion and patience for the people around us.


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