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I have a concern I’d like to discuss
I heard a rumor today about us.
Actually, I guess it was more about me,
the word on the street is that I’m your trophy.
An object for you to proudly display
yet, really means nothing at the end of the day.
I know you’ve grown accustomed to that kind of life.
as you create another home for the client and wife.
Surrounded by wealth as you further succeed,
I don’t blame you for thinking it’s what you need.
The problem though is I’m not that type,
I’ve no interest in the Stepford hype.
I don’t need a Jag to help me look hot,
driving it uselessly and being a snot.
I’m flattered you feel I would qualify,
but there are certain required traits I must clarify.
It’s not an acquired style, or something to learn.
It must be inside you, in your blood it must churn.
There aren’t many schools which teach behavior like that,
It takes a certain someone to be an adult spoiled brat.
A beautiful, polished trophy, I’ll never be,
And once I explain I hope you will see.
I’m not a size one or even a two,
my big size eight butt will just have to do.
I’m not demure, or walk with grace,
sometimes I go to bed without washing my face.
I don’t sleep on satin or wear lingerie,
I’m not a pretty picture waking up the next day.
I’d have no fighting chance if they knew
on my lower right hip, I want a tattoo.
My roots grow out shamelessly before getting em’ done.
I’m not terrified of exposing my skin to the sun.
I don’t shop exclusively at Trader Joes,
and I don’t bend over just so my pretty thong shows.
I don’t shave above my knees every day,
I’ll take a beer every time over Chardonnay.
I don’t keep my jewelry locked away tight,
and then wear phony replicas like a true socialite.
I don’t want to come across as mean-spirited or rude,
not every wealthy female adopts this attitude.
My point is merely to make sure that you know,
I don’t want to be part of the status quo.
I want to live life and enjoy it with you.
I want laughter and joy in the things that we do.
I can’t and don’t want to be anyone but me,
and I want you to love the true person you see.
To be content, satisfied and at peace with your life,
Is worth billions more that some stupid trophy wife~
By Shelley Allsup
All Rights Reserved


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