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Waterbeds, what ever happened to them?

They were literally beds filled with water designed for comfort, and not particularly for people with dogs, cats, or sharp pointy toe nails that could easily puncture the squishy mattress. But who thought of these things, and how?
It all started with a homework assignment for Charlie Hall in graduate school, who was tasked with improving human comfort. The rest is literally the stuff of dreams…


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Sick Child Looks Out Hospital Window And Realizes The Construction Workers Have A Surprise

In February 2015, a two-year-old girl named Vivian was diagnosed with childhood leukemia. She’s being treated at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

From day one, construction was taking place outside, directly across from Vivian’s hospital window. Vivian’s family watched their little girl become more and more fascinated with the construction site. She’d wave at the workers who spent their days on the beams and cranes. She even got her very own construction hat.

Eventually, two of the workers — Travis Barnes and Greg Combs — noticed Vivian in the window. They started smiling and waving back to her, and Vivian was absolutely delighted. This sweet interaction went on for days as a special connection formed on either side of the glass.


One day, Vivian’s mom, Ginger, noticed two of the workers trying to get her and her daughter’s attention.

When Ginger and Vivian looked out the hospital window, they saw a very special message spray-painted on one of the construction beams.

In an awesome effort to cheer Vivian up, crew workers Greg and Travis did something so simple, yet so powerful, that it’s now going viral.

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“Human, open the door! ..You think this is a game?!”

Henry Cavil surprises Will Smith at Comic Con

Logger Barely Escapes Injury From A Random Tree Fall

Being a logger is considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics declared it the most dangerous job in the United States in 2014.

With approximately 91 deaths per 100,000 workers, it’s one of the hardest and deadliest jobs out there. Despite careful planning, loggers using handheld power saws are often at the mercy of trees falling in a direction that they did not predict.

That’s what happened with this logger, who was using a power saw to cut down a tree. He worked his way around the base of a huge tree, when all of a sudden the tree seemingly splinters off and explodes! Heavy pieces of tree are falling in every direction, but this lucky logger manages to jump and roll out of the way of all of them.

This was a close call, and so fortunate that it turned out OK! It seems like this tree was quite rotten, so it seems as if he was cutting it down in order to avoid running on some poor hiker or jogger.

It seems like someone was looking out for this guy!

Even with careful planning and strict regulations, many workers in different fields face dangerous working conditions. This window washer — and the lift he was harnessed into — came crashing toward a skyscraper because of a big gust of wind! Though everyone was OK, it was probably terrifying going back to work the next day. These scientists faced an avalanche after the earthquake in Nepal, but thankfully had the training needed to survive it.

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Bride And Groom Perform The Classic Moves From Dirty Dancing

This bride and groom started everything off on the right foot. Whether they are real life choreographers, or they happen to love the classic film Dirty Dancing, they got everyone cheering with their outstanding moves. The wedding guests knew something special was about to happen when the groom slowly walks up to her to take her hand.


With her sneakers on, the bride spins and twirls in her white gown while the groom leads her along. The guests erupt with cheers and clapping as they go from one move to the next. And as the bride and groom take the floor with each other, you can see the enjoyment of the moment on their faces.


The bride and groom share passion and excitement just like Johnny and Baby. Everyone in the room was sharing the excitement along with them! And no one could have guessed that other members of the wedding party were in on this plan, too – just watch when they take the floor next to the groom!


Pit Bull Led Mom To The Bathroom. She Couldn’t Believe What She Saw.

An adopted Pit Bull named Ember saved a boy’s life when he fell into the bathtub and started having a seizure. Ember alerted mom and led her to the bathroom where she saw her son. Just amazing!


Ambulance crew sets off chain of giving

Lightning strikes off Daytona Beach caught on video

One of many people’s worst fears when they are driving down the highway in a torrential rain storm is the constantly looming thought: what happens if we get struck by lightening?

It may seem like a perfectly practical fear, however it scientifically does not make much sense, because a car is one of the safest places you can be during a lightening storm due to the fact that your tires help ground you to get rid of any extra current.

Lightening has always been the fascination of many people as one of the most ephemeral and powerful forces our planet can give off, but up close it is a whole new ballgame.

Lightening strikes are amazing and powerful. Each one has an average temperature of about 36,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and lasts about 1 or 2 microseconds. That’s such a small amount of time that it is hard to envision it even existing!

Lightening is caused by static electricity typically during a storm when there is an unbalanced electrical charge in the clouds and the ground or another part of the storm cloud.

It may seem improbable, but thousands of people are struck by lightening every single year. In fact, you have more chance of being struck by lightening than getting attacked by a shark! One person got what might be some of the most fascinating footage of a lightening strike up close off of Daytona beach, and the power that you can see in the strike is absolutely mesmerizing.

Clint Blevins captured the slow motion video of lightening that is only a few hundreds yard away, if that, during a storm. The lightening was striking the water, so there was no damage in the video, but it is absolutely mesmerizing to watch the way the utter power of the strike streaks through the air.

The video goes on for about 10 seconds, then suddenly there is a a big flash, and a big bright flash takes over the sky as the electricity bolts down to the water, and whitewashes the video. Then, you can see the bolt slowly fading away, or rather the after glow start to fade and then there is nothing left but the stormy ocean that you saw beforehand.

There is also one additional lightening strike before the big up close one, but it doesn’t even compare to the up close power that you can see with the second strike. The most interesting part about the strike is the fact that there appears to be some type of embers or sparks in the sky that take some time to fade away after the bolt had landed, which gave it almost like a ghosting effect, increasing the magic of that moment.

Naturally, there are some commenters calling out the video for being fake, but many people who have seen up close strikes strongly confirm that it is real and love the video. If you want to see it for yourself, then check it out below and let us know what you thought of the strike down in the comments!

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14 People Stand On Stage With Their Heads Down. When They Look Up And Start Doing THIS? Stunning!

Remember clogging? It’s kind of like tap dancing. It’s a folk dance with a rhythmic, percussive quality. It was originally European way back in the day but is now a part of American folk dancing as well.

Just look at these kids at the 2015 Clogging Champions of America showcase. The group is called “Tap This!” and they have got some moves! Check them out. The 14 members travel across the United States and show this lovely style of dancing to the country.


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