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A Couple From LA Was Worried What Their Little Boy Will Become When He Grows Up. But Were Shocked When They Asked Him This.

Parenting Level…..Expert

On a flight to Florida, I was preparing my notes for one of the parent-education seminars I conduct as an educational psychologist. The elderly woman sitting next to me explained that she was returning to Miami after having spent two weeks visiting her six children, 18 grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren in Boston. Then she inquired what I did for a living. I told her, fully expecting her to question me for free professional advice. Instead she sat back, picked up a magazine and said,


“If there’s anything you want to know, just ask me.”


This Cashier Was Furious When A Woman Came In Minutes Before Closing.

Okay, so I’ve worked at wally-world for a few years. One night right before the end of my shift a middle aged woman came through my line with a ton of groceries. Being the under-paid slave I am, I was pissed, this huge order 3 minutes till I leave. I wasn’t too happy with her to begin with, but after talking for 5 or so minutes I started liking her, she was telling me how hard she had it, and how she had just got on food stamps, and this was her first good meal in forever. I was finishing her order when she did her food stamps card, not enough…So she rummaged through her purse and came up with a fiver. Still not enough. Her total was 7.77.

I hadn’t got paid since 2 weeks prior so I was short on cash. I decided that I didn’t need lunch for the next 3 days, and took out my wallet handed her my debt card and told her my pin. She just stood there and stared at me. She told me no and I told her to do it and she reluctantly agreed. After the transaction was finished she handed me the $5 bill, I looked at her, sat it in front of her and said go buy yourself something nice.


She picked it up, and just started bawling her eyes out. Came around and gave me a hug, and cried some more and told me thank you countless times. She told me she’d find a way to pay me back, but I told her I didn’t want her to pay me back, but to help someone else when they were in need, she told me she would. I then told her to have a nice night and sent her on her way. As I was leaving I saw her pulling out of the parking lot still crying with her mother driving. That night made a big impact on me, I was happy I could help someone in need, and sad there are people that have it that bad.

Months later, I was still working at wally-world and as always, I was short on cash. My rent was overdue by a week at that point and I needed a hundred or so dollars to be able to pay for it or I’d have to ask friends to lend me money and I don’t enjoy doing that.

Out of nowhere, the woman whom I’d met months before arrived at the store and she told me that she’d recently landed a job and had me to thank for it because I helped her through a really difficult time. I spoke to her for a few minutes and she inquired about my own well being, knowing that I was struggling just like she was months ago. She pulled out a hundred dollars from her wallet when she heard that I needed money for rent.

I refused, of course, but she insisted on giving it to me and wouldn’t take no for an answer. So I guess I took it and thanked her so much for it. I haven’t cried this hard for a very long time. I’m always reminded in the kindness of strangers and I’m so glad I was able to help her when I did. What goes around comes around.

Talk about a blast from the past…

What happened in the past often stays with you and affects the present – and sometimes in very unexpected ways. This is one such story.

A woman is pregnant with triplets. One day she goes into a bank just as it’s being held up. The robbery goes wrong and she gets shot 3 times in the stomach, but luckily she lives.

She gets rushed to the hospital, where she sees a doctor who tells her that her children will be all right, and that one day the bullets will simply come out.

15 years later, one of her triplets, a girl, runs out of the bathroom and says “MOM, MOM, I WAS GOING TO THE BATHROOM AND A BULLET CAME OUT!”

So the mother tells her the story of what happened 15 years ago.

The next day, the second daughter comes out and says the same thing, “MOM, I WAS GOING TO THE BATHROOM AND A BULLET CAME OUT!”

Once again, the mother tells the story of what happened 15 years ago.

On the third day the son comes out and says “MOM, MOM!”

She smiles and asks, “Let me guess, you were going to the bathroom and a bullet came out?”

The boy replies, “No, I was jerking off and suddenly I shot the dog!”

Here’s Why You Never Ever Cheat On Your Spouse. What This (Soon-To-Be-Ex) Wife Did Is EPIC.

When spouses cheat on each other, the fallout can be absolutely disastrous.
Making a scene in public isn’t that uncommon, but this clever wife in Texas found a better,
subtler way to let everyone know how disappointed she was in her cheating husband.
She took out a classified ad in a Texas newspaper, sending a message
out to her husband and his message, signed with love. You’re going to love this.

When Timeshia Brown discovered her husband Patrick was sleeping around and
got a girl pregnant, she didn’t set his car on fire. She did, however,
find a better way to burn him. Her ad reads:
I would like to say congratulations to Shara Cormier and Patrick Brown.
They are expecting a baby.
Hope you both are really in love and I hope it works out.
Patrick’s wife,
Timeshia Brown.
It’s possible she meant some of the well-wishing, but you know for sure
she was laughing all the way to the newspaper.

Here’s Why You Never Ever Cheat On Your Spouse. What This (Soon-To-Be-Ex) Wife Did Is EPIC.

When the bride came out in a different dress, the crowd erupted in cheers!

The two lovebirds Trent and Annalisa Brookshier decided to do something special after their first wedding dance. It’s a tradition that the first dance between the newlyweds is rather slow, intimate and emotional, but these two wanted to make sure their second dance together would be just as memorable.


Her boss refused to excuse her to the bathroom knowing it was “that time of the month “…

There is a problem that comes up when women have to work with men in the office. No, it’s not the problem that you think it is. You might be shocked how little men understand this about women. This really isn’t rocket science. All I am saying is, when you’re doing reading this, think if there’s anyone you know who is this ignorant, because you really need to make sure they get educated.


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