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Police Dog Tracks And Finds Kidnapped Girl In The Middle Of The Woods

Police Dog Tracks And Finds Kidnapped Girl In The Middle Of The Woods1

Déjà was already an invaluable member of the Rancho Cucamonga Police Department in California, but she’s just proved her extraordinary canine powers yet again.

Police Dog Tracks And Finds Kidnapped Girl In The Middle Of The Woods2
Source: K9 Déjà/Facebook

After a young girl was reported missing around 3 A.M., Déjà took the lead to find her. She was last seen with an unknown man who took her from her home. The pup and her handler Deputy Stone entered the woods surrounding the nearby mountains and spotted the girl’s purse as well as drag marks.


Déjà’s nose never left the ground as the pair followed the scent all the way to a solitary home. She led her handler right up to the front door and refused to leave; police found both the girl and her captor inside, and the man has been arrested for kidnapping.

Police Dog Tracks And Finds Kidnapped Girl In The Middle Of The Woods3
Source: K9 Déjà/Facebook

Great job, Déjà and Deputy Stone!

h/t NBC Los Angeles, featured image via K9 Déjà/Facebook


“Human, open the door! ..You think this is a game?!”

She was mad that I was recording her instead of opening the door.


“Human, open the door! ..You think this is a game?!” [via]

No One Believed Daddy When He Described His Baby And Cat’s Morning Ritual. So He Caught THIS

We all know how babies love to make their adorable little noises also known as “baby talk.”

We never know what they are attempting to say, but apparently there is someone who does. The cat! Here we have a baby girl and a cat communicating with one another. Turns out this is no random encounter. The baby and the cat get together regularly and hold down full on conversations! They are so engaged with one another, that it’s like no one else exists but them! But are they really communicating? It sure looks that way! The cat responds to the baby’s remarks and if you didn’t know any better you would think these two were actually having a very intelligent conversation with each other!

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A Family Let Its Puppy Pick Her Sibling From The Shelter. You Won’t Believe Her Choice!

When Raven, the Tamaskan, was still a puppy, her owners wanted to get a companion for her. But rather than bring another pet home unannounced, they took her to the shelter to choose the newest member of the family.


Her pick? The cutest little kitten! It was love at first sight between Raven and the new family member, Woodhouse.


The two are always cuddling and absolutely inseparable


What an adorable pair! You can see more of their adventures on their Instagram page. Share this sweet story with your family and friends by clicking the button below!



He Kisses His Wife After A Painful Birth. But Watch When The Camera Zooms Out…

For anyone who thinks that animals can’t feel strong emotions like love and happiness, this video proves beyond a shadow of a doubt just how wrong that sentiment is!

After a pretty intense birth, this mama dog was completely exhausted. As her little puppies all squiggle and squeal for some milk, the only thing this poor mom can do is lie on her side and hope to fall asleep. Though her puppies all came out healthy, she can barely move.

But just when you’d start feeling sorry for this new mom, it’s worth waiting to see what Dad does! Softly and with obvious affection for his wife, he slowly licks at her face to help her feel more comfortable. As the babies all get something to eat, Mom and Dad get to share this beautiful and peaceful moment with each other.

It’s hard to believe that anyone could possibly think that dogs don’t feel love for one another, but after watching this video, it’s pretty hard to stick to that idea. This father clearly loves Mom, and will probably do anything to make sure she and his brand-new babies stay absolutely and completely safe. It really doesn’t get much more perfect than this.

Once Mom has gotten some rest, she (and her beautiful babies) will all be taken inside for a more comfortable place to sleep.

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Blind Pug Sits On The Judge’s Lap. When He Does THIS, I Couldn’t Stop Laughing!

The Dog Tries To Act Tough, But When The Baby Says This? Absolutely Adorable!


When this little rugrat first approached her four-legged pal, it looked like she was about to be snubbed for the first time in her life. But what this adorable pup does next will definitely melt your heart.


The ice cream man arrives and a pit bull comes running. Now watch what he does… TOO CUTE!

What happens when the ice cream truck comes rolling through the neighborhood with the music blaring?

All the kids come pouring out of their homes, right? Well on one street, it’s the neighborhood pit bull who comes running out of his owners home as soon as he hears the melody playing! This beautiful pit bull waits patiently in line, and then proceeds to the counter where his owner buys him a vanilla cone, which he proceeds to gobble up with glee! This is clearly the favorite part of the day for this excited doggy. Share with all of your dog loving friends and family!

Source: Pit Bull patiently waits in line for ice cream by LeslieYip on Rumble

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