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Ah! the Highoctanehumor Blog

Ah! the Highoctanehumor Blog The perfect place to blow off some steam, share embarrassing moments, toughts, ideas, etc, etc What is life except a succession of “it seemed like such a great idea at time” moments? After all, these are the things you end up remembering fondly when you are older right? That awkward moment when after a hiper intense make out session in a disco, you go home with the guy/girl and…tottallllyyy pass out??? (beats throwing up though! Mother always said to look for the silver lining on everything!) Or, even more embarrassing, when you inadvertently flash your neighbor because he rangs the doorbell when you are sleeping and you just completely forget that your shirt is not buttoned up! Fainting when I had my first kiss at 11 years old (personally i think that one should definitely have tipped off that relationships would never really be my strong point!) I sometimes actually find myself thinking of me as the latin version of Bridget Jones!!! And no, it’s not really a compliment or a self-esteem boost!! Its more along the lines of “oh my god kill me now!!!” You spend your entire life looking for some sort of profound and deep meaning to your life, that famous sense of purpose to make you go on.. Until ending up getting a box of cookies (or ice cream), a blanket, a pillow and just sit back because you realize it’s going to be a very long wait. On the other hand some people seem to have so easy right from the beginning. Since the moment their born it is as if they already knew what they wanted and what their path should and would be like. But what about the rest of us? The ones that basically have no idea what they’re doing? Relationships, professional career, friends, travelling, finding your way…makes me tired just thinking about it!! Feels like running the marathon! except nobody tells you where the finish line is nor how to get there! At 33 years old i’m still trying to figure all this out! Wondering if anybody ever really does figure it out. Seriously! Does anyone really figure it out? Or they just pretend to find the answers as a sick and sadistic joke to those of us who don’t? It’s actually the first time i’m writing about anything so dear readers i do apologize for eventual lack of style and sintaxe or semathic errors. English isn’t really my mother tongue! But, in spite of everything, my father always told me that if you’re gonna write, write about what you know. And what I know best is random thoughts, pathetic paranoias, embarrassing moments, hope, despair….sometimes surviving. You know what they say boys and girls: If you can’t get rid of the skeletons in your closet, best take them out to dance! Exactly what I intend to do:)


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