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Totally Embarrassing Nightclub Photos (16 pics)

Is it possible to look good in a nightclub? I always show up feeling fabulous, dance away the night thinking I look great, then hit the pillow as soon as I get home. It’s not until I see the horrible photos plastered all over Facebook the next day that I realize maybe what I was mistaking for bold confidence was just sloppy drunkenness. Well, whatever. At least I’m not these people.

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And then there’s this guy…

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Totally Embarrassing Nightclub Photos (16 pics) [via]

Public Shaming At Its Best. (10 pics)

#1 Parenting & Lessons

Whatever the story is behind this one, it’s got to be good and it’s likely this daughter will NEVER lie again. Good going dad!


1 Parenting & Lessons


#2 Driving Recklessly

A judge ordered Shena Hardin to stand at an intersection for 2 whole days holding this sign. We wondered if that included paying for the fine which must’ve been stiff? You bet! Additionally Hardin’s license was suspended for 30 days and she was ordered to pay $250 in court costs. Ouch!

2 Driving Recklessly

#3 Parenting Teens

Fifteen-year-old Jasmine’s parents made her stand near their Florida home bearing this embarrassing placard. AND with dad there, the boys were not found anywhere near!

3 Parenting Teens

#4 Caught For Bullying At School

This fifth-grader was suspended for 4 days for bullying, but his mom decided to take matters further and made him hold this sign in front of the school’s entrance.

4 Caught For Bullying At School

#5 Caught On Facebook

This 12-year-old girl snapped a picture of herself with alcohol taken from her father’s bar and posted it to Facebook with the comment, “Wish I could drink this vodka.” Her mom in turn made her pose with this sign and posted it to her daughter’s Instagram account.

5 Caught On Facebook

#6 Shoplifting At Walmart

An Alabama judge required 2 shoplifters to wear incriminating signs outside Walmart on busy Saturdays if they wanted to avoid jail time.

6 Shoplifting At Walmart

#7 Caught Smoking Pot

Thirteen-year-old Brandon Mathison’s mom dropped him off to stand at a busy intersection wearing this sign saying, “Smoked pot, got caught.” His mom added, “Timeouts and taking things away just doesn’t work any more”.

7 Caught Smoking Pot

#8 A Walmart Scam

Tina Griekspoor and her mother, Evelyn Border, used Walmart gift cards they found in the store, which had been misplaced by a child “on her birthday”.

8 A Walmart Scam

#9 A Petro Stealer

The Maryland woman isn’t selling something with a smile. A judge ordered her to stand outside the gas station wearing this sandwich sign for stealing $4.52 worth of fuel!

9 A Petro Stealer

#10 What. . . Stealing A Fork?

Can’t imagine why this Los Angeles man would steal a fork while dining at the posh W hotel restaurant? Right, he really wasn’t! It’s a spoof by HBO’s ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ actor and co-creator of ‘Seinfeld’, Larry David, standing outside of the W Hotel. Who knew public shaming on signs was such a mainstream meme?!

10 What. . . Stealing A Fork

Public Shaming At Its Best. [via]

Man Rescues Baby Swan While Getting Beaten Up by the Baby Swan’s Angry Dad

Swans are very protective parents. The male swan, called the ‘cob’, can be very aggressive in order to protect his young.

Earlier this year, Simon went out to rescue a cygnet that was stuck in a fence, near the River Thames. He had to face a very angry cob that wouldn’t let anybody near his poor baby.

Man Rescues Baby Swan While Getting Beaten Up by the Baby Swan’s Angry Dad

This Guy Roams The Streets With His Pack Of Dogs Without Using A Leash

This man has some serious control over his dogs. It takes great trust to be able to attain this level of leadership over your dogs. They follow him anywhere and always stay very close, even when he tells them to wait for him. This man has so much control, he doesn’t need to use a leash.

How do you feel about this man walking all these dogs without a leash?
This Guy Roams The Streets With His Pack Of Dogs Without Using A Leash